What are the two most important hardware components of a computer?

Question by flugy98765: What are the two most important hardware components of a computer?
I have a problem i cant figure out for homework and its “explain the two most important hardware components of a computer. You should describe each and explain why it’s important. You should also include specifications and terminology about each”

I cant figure out what two they are talking about, I’m almost certain you need a motherboard, cpu, power supply and a hard drive to have a functional computer.

Does anyone have a clue?


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Answer by norcaljohnnyb
cpu and ram

not going in detail but you need it all for the thing to run but without a good amount of the above mentioned, you will be hating the computing experience.

thats reality but if this helps use this


im sure answers will differ

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  • Masons MommY  says:

    mother board and hard drive

  • Ghost  says:

    Maybe you shouldn’t have yahoo doing your homework…

    Anyway, I’d say the two most important components are the mobo and processor.

  • A-Team  says:

    CPU: Brain. Measured in hertz called Clock speed.

    RAM: Short term memory. Needs power. Measured in bytes.

    Hard Drive: Long Term Memory: Measured in bytes.

    Mother Board. Circulatory and Regulatory system. Connects all the pieces.

  • john v  says:

    motherboard and processor.

  • seb_thib_55  says:

    1) Motherboard holds all of the most important parts of the computer.
    Power Supply to take electricity from your house and convert it into a current that works for your computer.

    2) Your PC would be useless without a power supply. Ditto for RAM – with no RAM, you might get to a certain point in the Post, but that’s it. Speaking of the Post – how about the BIOS? How about the motherboard? And finally, no hard drive – no operating system and that makes for a useless computer (unless you have an OS hiding on some other media like a CD).

  • Moe Joe  says:

    CPU and RAM would be the two important components that come to mind but it won’t work without the BIOS. But BIOS is software. Mother board is important but it consists of a lot of components. Of course, without the power supply you can’t power up but that may not be what he is looking for. A computer could function without a hard drive but it still needs some type of memory.

    I would go with CPU and RAM.

  • SCOTT  says:

    #1) power supply———here info on them——-http://www.tomshardware.com/2007/08/09/pc_power_supplies/

    #2) cpu———more info on these——–http://techreport.com/cpu/

    well that should get ya started, plenty of info to read about……have fun……….scott

  • mattman 6  says:

    I think that is a trick question. How can there be only two. My guess is that the answer they are looking for would be motherboard and cpu everything else you can technacly do without. ie a computer will still start without a hard drive. A power supply may be replaced with some kind of battery. Well maybe you need a power supply if you consider a battery power. That is where I think it may be a trick, but maybe they are not counting power as part of the computers hardware. It still beeps without ram. It may not do what you want it to do, but it’s still a computer. Hope that helps.

  • sam  says:

    ok first up all power supply is not part of hrdware then come to next pt. for any kind of computational parts u have to consider Motherboard and Processor cause u can do your work without any kind of storage but for that u have to check and remember all the values of the ele. thing on the motherboard i know it is highly critical job but steal u can manage to work this as computational machine and any how u need to have processor to execute your inst.

  • Jaystonia  says:

    well if you dont have any 1 computer component then you dont really have a computer then do you…you cant run a computer with any 2 components..so its kinda a silly question…but if you must answer…then i would definately have to say the CPU and the Motherboard…but then you cant have a computer without the PSU,RAM,HD…etc…so they are all pretty important…the only components you dont need for a computer to work would be the video card..(b/c most motherboards have integrated graphics) and also the sound card because of the same reason for the video card…but dont run that past someone who is a hard core gamer because they would tell you a whole different story…i would know I am one…

  • Faez G  says:

    The 2 most important computer hardware is:

    First, the power supply. Why you might ask? It is because even if you have the motherboard, DVD-rom drive and etc., you still can’t run anything without the power supply.

    Second, the PC casing. Where are you gonna placed all the other hardware components? Next to your monitor?

    Thank you and have a nice day.

  • M C  says:

    ram and AMD chip

    more ram faster computing

    AMD chip is better than Intel

  • Monte Cryptle  says:

    I Would Say Hard Drive And Power Supply.

    No Hard Drive means you cant do ANYTHING with no matter what bada** equipment you may have.

    and with no Power Supply then you cant turn anything on at all.

  • Brady T  says:

    The motherboard and the Hardrive.
    The motherboard is what completes a computer without, there is no way to run a computer. Mother boards has most of the computers components connected to it. Any type of damage done to the mother board will most likely cause your computer to freeze or not work.

    A harddrive is the second most important component in your computer since it holds all the content of your computer. Harddrives can come in many sizes ranging from 2mb–200+ GB. Without a harddrive you will not be able to run on your computer.

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